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Emory’s Christmas.

UPDATE: Thanks to Jeff, Dax, Sarah, Bobby, Cole, Perry and Ryan for their donations! We still haven't gotten enough to cover the whole thing, so PLEASE donate below!

We're gotten $120 total, and the gifts cost $230. I don't mind paying a chunk myself, but I'd like to see a couple more donations...

We're giving Emory his presents TONIGHT (Wednesday, 12-16) at 10:15 (ish). We'll post pictures!

Here's the deal. A bunch of us want to give Emory a kick ass Christmas present, so we thought we'd ask you guys if you wanted to pitch in. Emory's favorite TV shows of all time are Good Times and Sanford and Son (He also likes The Jeffersons and The Cosby Show.). We want to get these shows for him on DVD, plus maybe a new DVD player if we get enough donations. You can give a dollar or a hundred, it's all going to Emory's gift. If we go over what we need, we might get a little something for Red. If we get a whole lot more, we'll give Emory the rest in cash. For you out of towners, we'll take pictures of Emory getting his presents and put them on Facebook. Thanks, and please help us give Emory a kick ass Christmas!

Click on the "Donate" button to give via credit card or PayPal. You can also donate directly to me Wednesday, December 9th at Scruffs (I'll be there running Karaoke), or email me at govatos (insert at symbol here) yahoo.com. You can also donate to Swanson if I'm not around.

REMEMBER! DO NOT tell Emory!

Special thanks to Swanson for helping me set this all up.


Please leave any comments on Facebook, and not on this page, as it will bump us up the "News Feed" rankings, so more people will notice it (and hopefully give). Thanks!

Here's a direct link back to Emory's fan page on Facebook.

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