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New York City.

Empire State Building, Instagrammed

(This post will be updated several times. I have more to add, but I'm super busy, and I didn't want to leave it as a draft.)

I had a brilliant time in New York. Well, Manhattan, really. I did want to see Jay-Z in Brooklyn's crazy new Barclays Center, but tickets were hard to come by, and I only had so much time.

At its source, it was a business trip to SMX East (Search Marketing eXpo), but my bosses let me stretch the trip into the weekends, giving me eight days total. The conference was great, but as this is my personal blog, we'll just say that I learned enough to keep me busy for the next month and just move on.

I haven't been to New York since the 90s, and I've wanted to go back for a long time. I didn't make too many plans on purpose, and it worked out pretty well. Traveling solo has a distinctly different quality then with a significant other, or a group. You can do whatever the hell you want, whenever you please, but it's also kind of lonely. You trade the shared experience for freedom.

Highlights, in no particular order:

The MoMA. I enjoyed the Museum of Modern Art immensely. I knew that there were several important pieces there, but I had no idea just how many. My MoMA photos are here. I know that some people look down upon others for taking lots of pictures in museums. Until I can walk out of the MoMA with the $300 in books I would need to have the same images, the camera will do just fine for me, thankyouverymuch.

The Met. Big. Big big big. Staggeringly big. Excuse enough, all on its own, for me to go back to New York. The place requires serious time, and I wish I had at least another day. My Met photos are here.

Things I'll go back to see, in no particular order:

The High Line.

One World Trade Center, and the 9/11 Memorial.

Things I wanted to see, but won't get to, in no particular order:

Discovering Columbus. The Tatzu Nishi transformation of the 75 foot Columbus statue by Central Park. Basically a temporary building with a penthouse for Christopher to live in. Kicking myself for not going to see it.

Tatzu Nishi's "Discovering Columbus"

Tatzu Nishi's "Discovering Columbus" (photo from publicartfund.org)

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