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Jesus vs. Fezzik

From El Pais (Google translated): "What began as a spontaneous arreglillo a work of art in disrepair that decorated one of the walls of the Sanctuary of Mercy, a small church situated in a sixteenth century inn, owned by Hospital Sancti Spiritus, in the town of Borja (Zaragoza), has ended in a real blight that caused the stupor of the City and its neighbors. The architect of the mess is, as Juan Maria de Ojeda, Culture councilor of the consistory, an octogenarian neighbor who acted spontaneously and 'without asking anyone's permission,' although 'with good intentions.' When he realized that 'he had gotten out of hand' warned the head of the cultural heritage of the municipality to admit the damage he had caused."

Personally, I think he kind of looks like Andre the Giant now...

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