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Using names like Siri, Cortana, and Google Now, advanced algorithms and technologies that would have baffled engineers and scientists half a century ago now rest in the palm of our hands. Talking with technology is the future of computing—mainly because that's the way we're built to communicate.


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<![CDATA[WATCH: Torturing virtual people with crowd simulation software]]>
Dave Fothergill had some good fun with the Maya crowd simulation stuff in this cheerfully apocalyptic video -- it's even better with Waxy's soundtrack.]]>
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<![CDATA[You'll Need A Flexible Key To Open "The Weirdest Lock On Earth"]]> You'll Need A Flexible Key To Open "The Weirdest Lock On Earth"

It's been said there's no such thing as an unpickable lock. That may be true – but this innovative lock assembly just bested one of the Internet's most famous lock-pickers, who calls it "the weirdest lock on Earth."


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<![CDATA[Justin Hall at XOXO]]>

Justin describes his life as an early Web writer, why it made him happy and how it nearly destroyed him, and who it turned him into. It's a talk that's uplifting and sad and funny and absolutely worth your time. (via Waxy)]]> http://boingboing.net/2014/10/18/justin-hall-at-xoxo.html 396898@leegovatos.com/fever Sat, 18 Oct 2014 12:17:12 GMT <![CDATA[Cool video illustrates how much Shanghai has changed over the years]]> Cool video illustrates how much Shanghai has changed over the years

Over the past thirty years, few cities have undergone the transformation that Shanghai has. It went from a vertically challenged city filled with greenery to mutant New York on speed and steroids. Claire and Max illustrate how much has changed by eliminating the current buildings from the skyline and then drawing them in and putting them back.


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<![CDATA[LiartownUSA has always celebrated ONLINE SOCIAL JUSTICE...]]>

LiartownUSA has always celebrated ONLINE SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS. Now, spurred by popular demand and a deep desire to properly honor the internet’s bravest, most productive heroes, I am very pleased to announce the very first LiarTown item to consensually enter the physical world.

First appearing in a December 2013 post and honored by rave reviews from Jezebel.com (“The absolute best cat calendar!”) this now-100% real publication is officially available for sale. 

This full-color, 12” x 12” grid-style wall calendar is presented and shipped in plenty of time for the holidays. Each month features a charming kitten professionally photographed in a heroic pose appropriate to a small cat defiantly speaking out on the hottest social justice issues of the day. A sassy, uncompromising declaration erases any doubts about each precious cat’s passionate convictions, sense of humor, and tough-as-nails attitude! 

Each of these twelve adorable kittens was subject to a week-long, grueling interview process to ensure there was absolutely nothing problematic in its beliefs. Unlike bland, privileged garbage kittens chosen for nothing more than shallow good looks, Social Justice Kittens radiate fierce strength in the face of untold adversity, and all are gifted with a dazzling array of genders and orientations to go with their tiny, oh-so-kissable faces! The patriarchy WILL NEVER accept these kittens! 

After thousands of years of CIS-HET BULLSHIT, here at last is a calendar that DARES YOU to speak truth to power. A calendar which boldly announces to the world that you aren’t going to sit back and let others speak for you. A calendar that holds you up high so others can see you’re able to stand proudly on your own!

It comes down to this: Do you want to financially support the ideals embodied by this unique, functional gift, or refuse to purchase a copy and become a hateful fake ally who actively embraces injustice and the murder of innocents? The choice is yours.

One more time, to be clear: This is a genuine 2015 calendar, printed on big machines and then mailed out by mid-November.

To visit the online store, click here. 

Last but not least, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported this project during its formation!

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<![CDATA[Riveting Sci-Fi Short Film - SIMILO]]>

A year ago we shared a trailer with you for a short sci-fi film called "Similo." The full 23-minute short is now available online for you to watch, and it's really freakin' beautiful. The short was directed by Miguel de Olaso and Bruno Zacarías, and they did an incredible job telling this story. Everything about it was was executed in a nearly perfect way… the cinematography, acting, setting, designs, and even the ending, which is where so many of these films go wrong. Here's the synopsis:

2065. The polar ice caps have melted. The entire planet is hit by the effects of climate change. One of the few places that remain habitable is Antarctica, where big corporations have built private cities.
Hebe and Ciro get back together again. She is looking for love. He is searching for his own identity. 

The film does contain nudity so it's NSFW, but I definitely suggest you check it out when you get a chance. I really hope that you like this one.

http://geektyrant.com/news/riveting-sci-fi-short-film-similo 396314@leegovatos.com/fever Fri, 17 Oct 2014 19:50:00 GMT
<![CDATA[Computer simulations that teach themselves to walk.]]> ]]> http://imgur.com/gallery/4zGWuki 395865@leegovatos.com/fever Thu, 16 Oct 2014 04:17:34 GMT <![CDATA[[CS:GO] I'm going mid]]> ]]> http://imgur.com/gallery/j6T5hLk 395876@leegovatos.com/fever Thu, 16 Oct 2014 04:17:34 GMT <![CDATA[Rollin With Kid 'N Play]]>
In 1988 the world was introduced to Kid ‘n Play when their 2 Hype album was released. This was time Rap was starting to hit mainstream and MTV actually played music. Groups like Kid ‘n Play were seen as producing fun and energetic music, even parents were getting down with the kick step (with horrible results). The next logical step was the ultimate of medium, the full-length movie. In March 1990 Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin showed up on the silver screen in House Party, a hilarious movie about some good kids trying to hold a party and having to deal with bullies, cops and their own parents. We met Robin Harris (who sadly died of a heart attack one week after the movie released at the age of 39), Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell and Full Force. The movie was rated highly and did very well eventually leading to 4 horrible sequels.
I was a Kid ‘n Play fan prior to the movie and when it came out I went the first day. One of my first dates with my now ex-wife was to the movie when we started dating. Between the initial release and Dollar Theaters I saw this movie 6-8 times before it finally came out on VHS. 
It seemed like a logical decision for me when Leaf released a Co-Stars dual autograph of Kid ‘n Play in this year’s Pop Century release. What is cool is that they actually signed “Kid” and “Play” but because they signed so large their signatures are off of the sticker (bummer). It seems to be a common problem with this version of the card so I ended up picking up the card for $9.56 shipped. After purchasing the Co-Stars autograph I looked to see if there are individual autograph cards and found a Christopher Reid autograph from the 2010 Razor Pop Century preview release. I like that he signed his name with “Kid” too. This card ran me $7.48 shipped. When you consider the dual signature normally runs well over $20 and the single signed card runs $12 or more I think I made out pretty well.

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<![CDATA[Short film: A silent boy saves the day with an alien death ray]]> Short film: A silent boy saves the day with an alien death ray

Bag Man, a short directed by Jonathan & Josh Baker, is a slow burn. You follow a silent boy who looks like he's running away from home and then looks like he's just playing with a BB gun and then looks like he's a hero who saves a man from being killed by a gang.


http://sploid.gizmodo.com/short-film-a-boy-saves-the-day-with-a-big-ass-laser-gu-1646975619/+caseychan 395939@leegovatos.com/fever Thu, 16 Oct 2014 03:17:00 GMT
<![CDATA[37 Cinematic Driving Duos Supercut by Roman Holiday]]>

Roman Holiday has created a four and a half minute supercut of the most memorable car interior shots from thirty-seven films. You can find the list of all thirty-seven on the videos page.

It seems that regardless of the shooting style of the director, framing two people inside a car looks standard. But it's the context of the scene, interplay in the frame, and production design that make each one feel unique within the framing template.

H/T: Laughingsquid

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<![CDATA[Comics And Cosplay Present: A Flirty NYCC 2014 Cosplay Compilation And After-Party Highlights (VIDEO)]]> By Ian Mageto

Aside from taking hundreds of cosplay photos for us at New York Comic Con, Comics and Cosplay host Ian Mageto got busy putting together this “flirty” cosplay video compilation from the con as well as gathering a compilation of After-Party Footage as a music video for us.

Ian says:

For the final convention of the year we decided to make another one of our popular flirtatious cosplay music videos. This cosplay video features cosplayers who really came alive on camera at New York Comic Cons. Look out as we bring the sexy back to cosplay with our Flirtatious Cosplay video.

Cosplayers Featured (Please feel free to let us know anyone we missed)

Brea Biaa Cosplay – https://www.facebook.com/breabiaacosplay
Casey Anne Cosplay – https://www.facebook.com/CaseyAnneCos…
Avalon Cosplay – https://www.facebook.com/avaloncos
AerilayaCosplay – https://www.facebook.com/AerilayaCosplay
Gillykins Cosplay – https://www.facebook.com/Gillykins.co…

And here’s Comics and Cosplay’s After-Party Footage as a music video too:

Ian says:

The party doesn’t end once the convention floor closes. Watch the footage from the New York Comic Con after parties hosted by SonicBoomBox.

Follow Comics and Cosplay on:

TWITTER › https://twitter.com/ComixNCosplay
TUMBLR › http://satmorncosplay.tumblr.com/
FACEBOOK › https://www.facebook.com/satmorningco…
INSTAGRAM › http://instagram.com/satmorncosplay
DEVIANTART › http://satmorncosplay.deviantart.com/

Subscribe to our channel:

Comics And Cosplay Present: A Flirty NYCC 2014 Cosplay Compilation And After-Party Highlights (VIDEO)

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<![CDATA[Doing it wrong: A visual history of awkward iPad photography]]> Did you know that Apple hasn't changed the 5-megapixel camera on the iPad for three models running? It's probably fair to hope that the company adding something to the tablet's imaging prowess at tomorrow's event. That said, is it really true that...]]> http://www.engadget.com/2014/10/15/ipad-camera-history/?ncid=rss_truncated 395926@leegovatos.com/fever Wed, 15 Oct 2014 20:30:00 GMT <![CDATA[This Video Explains Why Microwaves Are Safe (Even When Running)]]>

We've all heard the tales of our cancer-causing cooking boxes we keep in the kitchen, but they really aren't dangerous to be around when they're running.


http://lifehacker.com/this-video-explains-how-microwaves-are-safe-even-when-1646805656 396046@leegovatos.com/fever Wed, 15 Oct 2014 20:30:00 GMT
<![CDATA[The Best Retirement Plans and 401k Rollovers are Online]]> I’m on a quest to find the best retirement plan to roll over my old 401(k). Since millions of other people are in this same boat, and don’t know where to turn for sound advice, I figured I would conduct the most thorough research I could — publicly — then put my money where my mouth is. At the end of my research I will literally roll over my old 401(k) worth approximately $85,000 to the best plan and company I can find!

A Bit of Background

I’m 33, have two kids under the age of three, and a wife who also has a full-time job. Because my plate is full both at home and at work, I have been desperately searching for the easiest and cheapest way to manage my passive long-term stock and bond investments. I want no hassles and no extra hidden costs.

After leaving a previous job six years ago, the money in my 401(k) account has just been sitting with my old employer collecting dust. I’ve never met with a representative of the 401(k) plan to discuss my options or my optimal asset allocation to cover the next 30 years until I need the money in retirement. No one contacts me, and I don’t know who I would even contact if I had a question. I am, like millions of other 401(k) holders, adrift with no set direction.

I know from my days working in the finance industry that the less I touch my plan, the better. Overthinking my long-term assets has usually done more harm than good. It also needs to be cheap because, once I have a basic strategy in place, there really isn’t any required maintenance to the plan for a long, long time.

Staking My Retirement on Online Financial Advisers

In my research for the best retirement plans, I stumbled upon online financial advisers (OFA) like Betterment, Wealthfront, FutureAdvisor, Personal Capital and others. Even online discount brokers like E*Trade: Build your own portfolio are getting in the mix. These services use software algorithms to simplify passive investing and automate many of the value-added tasks we pay money managers a pretty penny to execute. This creates easy plans you can follow at the cheapest possible price.

Since looking into these services, I’ve become so convinced that this is the wave of the future that I’m staking my retirement on it. This is the first in a series of posts where I will investigate how these automated online retirement services are driving down costs for Main Street investors.

At the end of this series, I will literally roll over my $85,000 401(k) to one of the online services I feel is the best fit for me!

Why? Because I believe the current financial services compensation model is broken. The financial services model as it exists today is not aligned with your average Main Street investor. The current system utilizes high-cost funds and high-cost management account fees that add complexity and fall short on value. The financial services industry model is ripe for disruption and competition.

In the posts to follow, I will discuss how the current financial fee structure is broken, compare different OFA options, and discuss why you should think about using these services in the future.

Passive vs. Active Investing

According to Investopedia, passive investing is: “An investment strategy involving limited ongoing buying and selling actions. Passive investors will purchase investments with the intention of long-term appreciation and limited maintenance.”

For most people, passive investing comprises three main actions:

  1. Buy and hold for the long term
  2. Diversified asset allocation among a variety of asset classes
  3. Rebalancing and re-evaluation

Active management, in contrast, involves frequent trading to try and maximize return and beat a benchmark like the S&P 500. Most mutual funds as they exist today are actively managed. For regular investors, this option is expensive and rarely returns above a passive benchmark. Virtually every study ever done has shown there is no correlation between high fees for active management and high returns. The additional transactions add to your overall costs, and any additional return above a benchmark is typically washed out by the increased fees on average.

The argument for passive investing isn’t new. Burt Malkiel championed this in A Random Walk Down Wall Street as early as 1973. There is no correlation between fees and high returns, so why should you pay them? The easiest and simplest way to invest is passively through low-cost vehicles. This not only saves you money, but also saves you lots of time and headaches.

Problems With the Current Active Financial Incentive Model

I briefly worked in the investment management business straight out of college, but I quickly became aware of the broken incentive structure above. There are two main issues.

Problem #1: Fee Structure

According to Morningstar, a rating service, the average managed stock fund charges 1.33% per year in management fees, but also, as studies have shown, rarely returns more than the market averages. In addition to this fee, you may pay a “sales commission” of close to 5% to your financial adviser. So you start out 5% in the hole.

On the other hand, low-cost ETFs that hold a basket of stocks that simply replicate the performance of the broader market have drastically lower fees. For example, the average ETF expense ratio at Vanguard, a leader in low-fee funds, is 0.14% with no sales fee.

This Atlantic article does a great job of laying out how the fee difference can add up to six figures over a lifetime of savings. In their example, which uses slightly different numbers than the ones I provided, this could be a difference of $257,000!

Clearly, there is a problem with how the typical investor pays for financial services and the actual value delivered. More specifically:

If passive investing is the best strategy for the majority of long-term investors, the big question is: Shouldn’t investing then be as cheap as possible? The answer is, unequivocally, yes.

Problem #2: Incentive Structure Is Not Aligned

A typical financial adviser is paid for gathering assets, NOT for generating return for you.

When your holdings go up in value, your adviser earns a miniscule extra amount, but when he brings on new money to manage from someone else, he gets paid significantly more. The risk to him when your assets lose value is small.

Call me naive, but when I learned that I could make more money by pursuing new clients to the detriment of my current clients, I quit so I can trade financial instruments on my own in Chicago. By trading, my interests and my clients’ interests were aligned – I didn’t get paid if I lost someone money. Here, I could still be connected to the markets, and my income was a direct result of the return I generated for the company. I would do well if I made money, but if I didn’t then I’d be fired quickly. This is completely at odds with the current financial services model.

A good financial adviser, and there are scores of them out there, takes the time to work you through asset allocation decisions and can get you in the right investment vehicles. These services are well worth a price. I am not arguing that financial advisers shouldn’t be paid. But herein lies the problem. Because financial advisers get paid more for getting more people to place their assets with them, they are incentivized to get many, many clients to whom they cannot allocate enough time. Once your main assets are uncovered, there is actually an incentive to spend the least amount of time with you as possible.

If most of the value a financial adviser creates is with education and account selection, then why should commission fees be tied to how much money you have with the adviser?

How Online Financial Advisers Work for You

At the heart of online financial advising is the basic idea that you should keep more of your money. By using low-cost ETFs, and by using software to “automate” tasks, like rebalancing, that your human financial adviser performs, the cost associated with managing your account is driven way, way down.

An Example Using Betterment

For example, Betterment is an online financial adviser that is growing very quickly. According to recent numbers, ETF expense ratios inside a Betterment portfolio range between 0.05% and 0.36%. So, on average, 0.155% of your assets are going to cover the expenses of the fund rather than 1.33% which, according to Morningstar, is the average for managed mutual funds. That figure is in addition to whatever fee the OFA charges to manage your funds.

Now, you could simply open an account at almost any online discount broker and enjoy these modest expense ratios if you 1) know what ETFs you should choose, 2) know how to diversify, 3) know how to effectively rebalance your portfolio, and 4) understand tax loss harvesting.

However, if you do not know how to do any of these four things, here is where online financial advisers such as Wealthfront and others truly shine. These services can:

  1. Educate you on your investment options
  2. Guide you to the optimal portfolio given your risk tolerance
  3. Automatically rebalance your portfolio to keep your optimal mix of assets
  4. Automatically take strategic losses that can offset your taxable income

On a portfolio of my size, for these added services, which are transparent and aligned with my interests and goals, Betterment charges a 0.25% fee per year.

Recap the OFA math

According to CNN, the average 401(k) balance in the U.S. is $89,000. Using this figure and other data uncovered in this post, we can see the difference in cost from just one year of investing.

Remember, OFAs charge a stated rate, and you are paying fees inside the ETF also. Managed funds have this issue as well, but those fees are significantly higher. So the comparison should look like this:

  Combined Fees Applied Balance Total Cost
Betterment 0.455% $89,000 $404.95
Avg. Managed Fund 1.33% $89,000 $1,183.70

In the combined fees column I am adding Betterment’s 0.25% fee to the average ETF fee that I calculated earlier of 0.155%.

Now ask yourself: How often do I talk to my 401(k) adviser? Is it enough to justify an extra $778.75 per year? I think not.

Wealthfront, Betterment, Future Advisor: The Online Financial Adviser Landscape

At this point, I hope I’ve made a strong case for you to at least consider how online financial advisers (OFAs) can help you keep more of your money and, quite honestly, more of your time too. In the next few weeks, I will be deciding which OFA to roll over my $85,000 401(k) into. But first, we need to understand the OFA landscape and what our options are. Here is how I see the landscape segmented out. I will give an in-depth review of each service in the following weeks before making my decision.

True Automated Accounts

In order for an online financial adviser to be “truly” automated, the service must be able to hold and manage your assets. This means you create an account with the service, place your money there, and the service enacts several programs to manage your account. This includes ETF selection for diversification, portfolio rebalancing, and tax loss harvesting. With this type of service, you do not have to do anything with your account if you don’t want to.

For my research, the top three services I will investigate are:

Wealthfront. I am most familiar with this service mainly because they are the quickest advisory service EVER to reach $1 billion in assets under management. This includes household names like E*Trade, Charles Schwab, Merrill Lynch, and other well-known financial firms. Wealthfront is also working with some high-profile clients like NFL teams.

Fee structure: 0.25%. First $10,000 is managed for free.

Betterment. Like Wealthfront, Betterment uses modern portfolio theory to guide its asset allocation recommendations. They also have automated services that balance your portfolio and maximize your tax efficiency. The main difference on the surface seems to be their fee structure.

Fee structure: Three tiers based on account balance: 0.35% for less than $10,000 with a $100 per month direct deposit; 0.25% over $10,000; and 0.15% over $100,000.

This means that as your balance grows, you have the chance to pay less in percentage fees – very appealing.

FutureAdvisor. Right now, I know less about this service. From their site, it looks like they offer much of the same in this category, mainly rebalancing and tax efficiency. However, the fees are double at 0.5%. Hopefully, I’ll uncover some hidden gems that make this service worth the higher price! I can’t wait to find out.

Fee Structure: 0.5% of assets.

Do-It-Yourself Software

Do-it-yourself services are software that make recommendations based on many of the same principles as the truly automated services, but you have to implement the trades yourself with DIY. There are a few ways to do this but, for a general idea, imagine you have your own brokerage account and you use a separate software program that reads what your asset allocation is and makes recommendations. You then take the time to implement them or ignore them.

E*Trade: Build your own portfolio. E*Trade’s approach gives you the choice as to how much help and control you want with your portfolio. It’s not quite a hybrid because I don’t think they offer human contact, but you can choose to 1) build your own portfolio, 2) choose an E*Trade portfolio, or 3) choose to have E*Trade actively manage your account.

Fee structure: You pay E*Trade’s low commissions on trades within the portfolio.

Marketriders. Marketriders seems interesting because it can work with a variety of brokerage accounts. It recommends low-cost ETFs just like the fully automated ones, but it can work with any brokerage account.

Fee structure: 0.2% of assets.

SigFig. SigFig is similar to Marketriders in terms of recommending a low-cost, tax-efficient portfolio and managing it for you but, as far as I can tell, it only works with TD Ameritrade, Schwab, or Fidelity.

Fee structure: $10/month with no commissions or other trading fees.

Hybrid Automation With Personal Contact

Hybrid services might offer the best of both worlds: low-cost automation, but with the ability to contact a human adviser to answer questions. We shall see.

Personal Capital. Personal Capital seems like “Mint.com for rich people” because it aggregates and displays your financial information much like Mint does with your bank account and spending info. I believe this is a free service. You can then analyze your investments and have Personal Capital manage them for you. Their fees are higher and they seem to cater to high net-worth individuals, but they do offer human interaction.

This could be a good choice if it addresses some of the shortcomings that I experience with Mint.com — but those fees!

Fee structure: 0.89% up to the first $1 million; 0.79% up to the first $3 million; 0.69% on the next $2 million; 0.59% on the next $5 million; and 0.49% on assets over $10 million.

Vanguard Personal Advisor Service. Vanguard is the leader in low-cost ETF investing. In fact, their funds are often used by fully automated services like Wealthfront. Vanguard’s Personal Advisor Service uses their low-cost funds to save you money and offers simple tools to figure out your goals and optimal asset mix. You can then partner with an adviser to plan for life changes or to change your allocations.

Fee structure: 0.3% of assets.

The Online Financial Advisor Challenge

I’m very excited to dig into all of these companies to see which one fits best with my long-term objectives. I view myself as a pretty regular guy who has similar work, family, savings, and spending challenges as a good swath of the country. I’m sick of paying too much for things that don’t deliver on value, so I can’t wait to see how these value-added services stack up. My gut tells me this is the future of long-term investing.

We’ll see who gets to manage my old 401(k) money. Let the games begin!

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<![CDATA[Hilariously absurd Carl Sagan video proves that LSD is starstuff too]]> Hilariously absurd Carl Sagan video proves that LSD is starstuff too

I don't what is this re-edit of the Mars episode of the original Cosmos. I don't know who made it. And I don't care. I just want more of it and I know that Dr. Sagan would have approved.


http://sploid.gizmodo.com/hilariously-absurd-carl-sagan-video-proves-that-lsd-is-1646781973/+caseychan 395957@leegovatos.com/fever Wed, 15 Oct 2014 19:39:00 GMT

http://iraffiruse.net/post/100097161136 395994@leegovatos.com/fever Wed, 15 Oct 2014 19:37:48 GMT
<![CDATA[How to Toggle First-Person View in Google Maps Navigation]]> How to Toggle First-Person View in Google Maps Navigation

Many people don't realize this, but Google Maps navigation has two views: a first-person view (where the arrow faces forward at all times) and a map view, which shows a more traditional map and rotates the arrow. If you've somehow gotten stuck on the second, here's how to go back to regular navigation.


http://lifehacker.com/how-to-toggle-first-person-view-in-google-maps-navigati-1646730312 396048@leegovatos.com/fever Wed, 15 Oct 2014 19:30:00 GMT
<![CDATA[carolineeand: cynthiakao: mdthwomp: quickweaves: guccimaneuve...]]>







This is terrifying.

this is so fucking disgusting smh

My god I have never seen something so terrifying in my entire life

What the flying fuck just happened???

What the hell?! What happened after this? This is so upsetting.

So, I googled this to find out if there was anything I could do. More information.

Excerpt -

"One of the officers involved in the incident has been previously named in two excessive force lawsuits that resulted in settlements paid out by the city of Hammond."

http://wilwheaton.tumblr.com/post/100095775909 396017@leegovatos.com/fever Wed, 15 Oct 2014 19:18:50 GMT
<![CDATA[Funny unmotivational coffee mugs by Emily McDowell]]> hilariouslyawesomemugs012 Wonderful mugs for hot beverage and daily inspiration by illustrator and funny lady Emily McDowell. Read the rest

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Last year, we brought you the exploits of StoopidTall , a 14.5-foot-tall bike that is completely terrifying to ride. So naturally, we now have StoopidTaller, a bike that is yet another 5 1/2 feet taller. Experience the terror from the bike seat first hand in this dizzying video of StoopidTaller in action.


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<![CDATA[An Artist Perfectly Trolls Designers With a Comic Sans Typewriter]]> An Artist Perfectly Trolls Designers With a Comic Sans Typewriter

The easiest way to troll a pixel-pushing friend is to ensure you exclusively use Comic Sans for every email, message, and homemade birthday card you send them. Graphic designers hate the font, but the rest of the world still seems to enjoy its sense of whimsy , which is what inspired artist Jesse England to hack a typewriter with the Comic Sans typeface.


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<![CDATA[This Photographer Documents the Faces Of a Single Harlem Street Corner]]>

Taking pictures of strangers is hard no matter where you are photographing. On the streets of Harlem, Khalik Allah takes the utmost care to approach his subjects with confidence and purpose in order to capture his wonderfully evocative portraits of the New York neighborhood. This video from Time's Lightbox show's Allah at work.


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<![CDATA[Stan Lee Rants about Superhero Potty Talk]]>

Stan Lee is back with another wonderful rant that will make you think. The latest Stan's Rants episode is called "Superhero Potty Talk," and he goes off on how superheroes never seem to have to go to the bathroom. Only Stan could get away with a web-series like this. If anyone else ranted about the things that he does no one would listen. The guy is always entertaining. 

You can catch up on some of his previous rants that we've previously posted such as superhero ice cream barslong movie credits, Facing Front, and 3D movies. Enjoy the rants of Stan! 

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<![CDATA[Zany Animated Short - BREAKFAST IN PARIS]]>

A mother goes to great lengths to try and get her son to eat breakfast in this amazingly entertaining animated action short called "Breakfast in Paris." The son isn't interested in eating breakfast though, and when his mom comes after him he goes on the run, trying to escape her and the bowl of cereal that she is hell bent on making him eat. The story escalates into complete craziness that is extremely funny and vigorously energetic. The film was directed by Aurélie Gomez, and I had an absolute blast watching it! The short left me with a big smile on my face, and I hope is does the same for you.

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<![CDATA[3 Action-Packed Clips from the Live-Action Adaptation of the Anime KITE]]>

Three new action-packed clips have surfaced for the live-action feature film adaptation of the anime Kite. It looks like the filmmakers may have done a decent job of bringing this story to the big screen. The movie stars Samuel L. Jackson, India Eisley, Callan McAuliffe, Cleo Rinkwest, Russel Savadier, Keci Eatock, Matthew Van Leeve, and Jaco Muller

Kite was directed by Ralph Ziman, and the story follows a young orphaned schoolgirl named Sawa, who is living in a failed state, during a time of post-financial collapse, "where the corrupt security force profits on the trafficking of young women. When her father, a cop, is slain by someone dirty inside the force, she vows to track the murderer down with the help of her father’s ex-partner."

The first clip you watch is called "Toys," and it's been labeled a red-band clip, the second is called "Rescue," and the third "Disguise."  All of them offer some great adrenaline-fueled footage. The movie will be released on October 10th, 2014.

Red Band Clip - Toys for Kite on TrailerAddict.

Rescue for Kite on TrailerAddict.

Disguise for Kite on TrailerAddict.

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<![CDATA[How THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT Changed Movies - Short Doc]]>

When The Blair Witch Project first came out in 1999, I completely gave into the hype. I was a fan of horror movies, and this one seemed completely different and intriguing. One of the main things it had going for it was the online marketing campaign, and how a lot of people couldn't tell if the movie was real or not. I remember discussing all of this with my dad and my brother as we were waiting in a long ass line to see the movie. Of course, after the movie was over, we realized that it obviously wasn't real, but it was still an incredibly fun movie going experience.

The film became the most profitable movie of all time… so far. It was made on a budget of only $25,000, and the film went on to gross $250 million worldwide. The Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez-directed film also opened the door to found footage movies. It popularized that style of filmmaking and we are still seeing the effects of it today.

Academy Originals has released a "behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Blair Witch Project and its impact on the future of movies - from sparking a found footage genre boom to its innovative use of Internet marketing." The short doc is called Moments That Changed The Movies: The Blair Witch Project, and it's worth checking out, especially if you were lucky enough to be a part of this movie phenomenon. 

A lot of people give the movie crap now, but I still have appreciation for it.

Via: /Film

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<![CDATA[Almost 150 quilts you won’t find on Pinterest]]>

A micro-review, in bullet points:

1. Almost 150 quilts you won’t find on Pinterest.

2. The essays are good.

3. When seeking visual pleasure and inspiration, a curated and finite set (like a book) can be more useful than an infinite set (like the internet).

Read the rest]]>
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