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This hot record collection of bad album covers will get your eyeballs dancin’ and your toes a-tappin’. Cuz it not only features some of the worst LP artwork but some groovy song samples from these gifted musical artists as well. Everything from rock and metal bands to country, gospel comedy, and jazz by artists from around the world are all right here in their everlasting glory.

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<![CDATA[9 Simple & Fast Ways to Elevate Your Content via @alexanderkesler]]> Learn how to create an effective content marketing strategy through content designed to boost engagement and increase conversion rates.

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<![CDATA[Google: When Disavowing A Link, All Associations Are Removed]]> ]]> https://www.seroundtable.com/google-disavowing-link-associations-28401.html 1311570@leegovatos.com/fever Mon, 21 Oct 2019 12:30:04 GMT <![CDATA[Did President Trump Flash His Middle Finger to Women Astronauts in This Viral Video?]]>

Video of President Donald Trump flashing his middle finger went viral over the weekend. Did the president intentionally flip the bird to women astronauts who corrected one of his factual inaccuracies? That’s open to interpretation. But it’s at least the fourth time during his presidency that Trump appeared to give a…


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<![CDATA[How to Make a Hotel Room Feel More Like Home]]>

If you travel for work, then there’s a good chance you’re going to treat at least a few hotel rooms like “home.”


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<![CDATA[What Happens If I Use Two-Factor Authentication and Lose My Phone?]]>

Two-factor authentication is an essential security measure that uses your phone to help prevent unauthorized access to your account. It makes it harder to access your account if you lose your phone, but that’s also sort of the point. Thankfully, you aren’t without options if you can’t find the one device you use to…


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<![CDATA[scifiandfantasyuniverse:Tom Baker As The Fourth Doctor “Doctor...]]>


Tom Baker As The Fourth Doctor “Doctor Who”

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<![CDATA[The new Star Trek Heroclix set includes Chief Interrogator Gul Madred and his four lights]]>

You can find it at ebay. The new set includes skin of evil Armus, too.]]>
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<![CDATA[Russian Music Fan Photoshops Himself Into Classic Album Covers]]>
Igor Lipchanskiy is a Russian Photoshop wizard who, with his amazing technical skills and with the help of his creative mind, transforms famous album covers into something totally different. He expands the covers out to see what really happens in the parts that are cropped out.
“I live in cold Russia. In between dismantling of an AK-47 assault rifle and training of the home bear, I like to listen to music and when I peer into the cover of the album I find a place for myself there. I have decided to make a small selection of interesting covers and show what might be off-screen if I were there.”
Lipchanskiy photoshops himself into the frame while doing anything that would make the musicians on the album covers happy, completing the picture fully.

Check out the hilarious cover versions below.

Simon and Garfunkel – Bookends (1968)

The Beatles – Abbey Road (1969)

Funkadelic – Maggot Brain (1971)

Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run (1975)

Ramones – Ramones (1976)

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<![CDATA[The Vinyl Factory Radio: Dubplate Pearl]]>

Traversing from UK reggae, and jazz to funk and classic soul with the South London hero.

The Vinyl factory Radio is a new audio platform on VF, dedicated to sharing and discovering records from across the world through mixes, interviews and podcasts.

Initially broadcast live to open the second day of Theaster Gates’ Black Image Corporation installation launch at 180 The Strand, the second mix in our online archive comes from Dubplate Pearl.

Pearl Boatswain aka Dubplate Pearl is an unsung South London legend with a record box filled with roots, soul, dub and reggae records.

One half of DJ duo Camberwell Connection, Pearl grew up with sound system culture in the city, immersing herself in the blues parties and weekend sessions across the city.

Having accumulated a stellar collection, Pearl started DJing “by accident” in 2010, and has since had shows on Balamii and Boiler Room, as well as regular sets across London and the UK.


1. Ray Charles – Moanin’
2. Grover Washington Jr – Knucklehead
3. Donald Byrd – Places and Spaces
4. Junior Walker & the All Stars – Still Water Medley
5. Gene Dunlap – Before You Break My Heart
6. Roy Ayers – Searchin’
7. Cameo – Love You Anyway
8. Maze – The Look In Your Eyes
9. Grover Washington Jr – Jammin’
10. Chalawa – Exodus Dub
11. The Frightners – Gonna Make Time (dub version)
12. Jackie Mittoo – Henry the Great
13. Tradition – Breezing
14. The Abyssinians – Love Comes and Goes
15. Jo Jo Bennett – Living Soul aka the Loop
16. Carroll Thompson – Dreams of You
17. Tommy McCook & Supersonics – Soul For Sale
18. Tradition – Every Little Beat of My Heart
19. Tradition in Dub – Sheer Ecstasy

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<![CDATA[15 Tried and tested bookmarklets for SEOs to improve productivity]]> It’s becoming increasingly expectant that SEO’s become more flexible and holistic in their approach to website optimization.

In that spirit, taking time out to find better and more efficient ways of doing day to day tasks is something I find myself doing regularly. I’ve tried tons of tools, worked with dozens of fellow SEO’s and I still firmly believe that bookmarklets have a place in a search marketer’s repertoire.

So, I’ve hunted through the mass of useful and useless bookmarklets and found 15 of the most useful that you can start using right now to save time, smash your deadlines and make you an unstoppable force.

What is a bookmarklet?

Well, bookmarklets have pretty much been around since the inception of JavaScript in 1995. In short, they are tiny scripts packed into a bookmark that perform a command within a browser to add a little nugget of functionality. 

In other words, they perform similar actions to chrome extensions without the crippling browser slowness and they rock.

How do you install bookmarklets?

It’s super easy. 

Copy the bookmarklet script you’ve found, right-click on your bookmark bar (or press CTRL + D or CMD + D on mac), click ‘add page’:

Then paste the code into the ‘URL’ field, name it whatever you like and click ‘save’:


The bookmarklets below are all hyperlinked meaning you can simply drag them into your bookmark bar.

Try it out:

The following code will perform a Wikipedia search for any text you have highlighted on any web page. Pop it in your bookmark bar and highlight any word on this page and then click the bookmarklet in your bookmark bar:

Drag this into bookmark bar:



javascript:(function() {function se(d) {    return d.selection ? d.selection.createRange().text : d.getSelection()s = se(document); for (i=0; i<frames.length && !s; i++) s = se(frames[i].document); if (!s || s=='') s = prompt('Enter%20search%20terms%20for%20Wikipedia',''); open('https://en.wikipedia.org' + (s ? '/w/index.php?title=Special:Search&search=' + encodeURIComponent(s) : '')).focus();})();

Cool right?

Now I’ve converted you to bookmarklet love, here are 15 of the best bookmarklets for SEOs. Some you will use on the regular while others you might not use for a while. I’ve included all my favorites, the ones that I find myself using regularly.

Note: Although I’ve tested and used every one of these, some popup blockers might affect how each bookmarklet works. If it’s not working, check your adblocker.

1. View cached versions of this URL with Wayback Machine

If the URL you once visited doesn’t exist anymore, has been deleted by a foolish colleague or you need to look back at the contents of an old page to inform a 301 redirect, this one is really useful.

Drag this link to bookmark bar:





2. List every link on the page

Short, sweet, mega useful. One-click and get all hyperlinks from a web page in a window. I use this regularly in combination with screaming frog for super fast insight.

Drag this link to bookmark bar:



javascript:(function(){ var a = ''; for (var ln = 0; ln < document.links.length; ln++) { var lk = document.links[ln]; a += ln + ': <a href=\'' + lk + '\' title=\'' + lk.text + '\'>' + lk + '</a><br>\n'; }; w = window.open('', 'Links', 'scrollbars,resizable,width=400,height=600'); w.document.write(a); })();

3. Show cookies

I’ve had clients in the past with serious cookie issues that have impacted site security, international targeting and even crawling! This is a one-click action to see all content associated with cookies the site is running.

Drag this link to bookmark bar:



javascript:document.cookie='';function hjK(S4p){D3p=/; /g;return S4p.replace(D3p, '<br><br>');}if(document.cookie.length<1){alert('No cookie from this site!')}else{with((na=open('','','')).document){write(hjK('Cookie for '+document.title.link(window.location.href)+', dd. '+new Date()+'<hr>'+document.cookie));close()}}

4. Last modified

This one will alert the last modified date of each document and each frameset, along with the names and the locations of each frame in a dialogue box. Ideal for competitor research and auditing.

Drag this link to bookmark bar:



javascript:javascript:function Lmi(w,p){var i,t='';for(i=0;i<w.frames.length;i++)t+=Lmi(w.frames[i],p+'    ');return(p+w.document.lastModified+' '+w.location+' '+(w.name?(' ('+w.name+')'):'')+'\n'+t);}alert('Last modified:\n\n'+Lmi(window,''));


5. Instantly extract URLs from SERPs

The simplest bookmarklet for downloading SERP URLs. Set your google settings to return 100 results and you can grab the top 100 results for any query with one click. Combine it with your favorite crawler and you’ve got some great analysis tools.

Drag this link to bookmark bar:



javascript:var a = document.getElementsByTagName('a'), arr = '';for(var i=0; i<a.length; i++) if (a[i].ping && !a[i].href.includes('google'))arr +=('<p>' + a[i].href + '</p>');var newWindow = window.open();newWindow.document.write(arr);newWindow.document.close();


6. Audit internal duplicate content

Auditing duplicate content can be time-consuming if there’s a lot. Use this bookmark as part of your audit to check snippets of content you believe to be unnecessarily duplicated. Copy and paste the snippet into the dialogue box and see roughly how often it appears across the site with a simply search operator.

Drag this link to bookmark bar:



javascript:(function() {var targetUrl = 'https://www.google.com/search?q=';new Promise(setQuery => {var input = window.prompt('Enter your query:');if (input) setQuery(input); }).then(query =>window.open(targetUrl + 'site:' + location.hostname + ' "' + query + '"')); })();

7. Load page speed insight for current URL

Instantly load the URL that you’re viewing into page speed insights. If you want this to work with the homepage of the site each time change the window.location. to window.location.host in the code below.

Drag this link to bookmark bar:





8. Instant index check

This will only save you a few seconds but I use this bookmarklet a lot to start troubleshooting why a page isn’t doing well. The script will conduct a search using the ‘site:’ which should return the exact URL in the first result if indexed.

Drag this link to bookmark bar:



javascript:(function(){ window.open('http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=site%3A'+encodeURIComponent(location.href))})();


9. Clear your cache in fewer clicks

Change three clicks to one with an instant opener for the clearing browsing data. Most used when you’re testing a development or need to replicate a bug to report.

Drag this link to bookmark bar:





10. Keyword stuffing checker

Instantly check the number of times a word occurs on a page. This one is really good for checking keyword stuffing during an audit and being able to efficiently give stats.

Drag this link to bookmark bar:



javascript:(function(){var T={},W=[],C=0,s,i; function F(n){var i,x,a,w,t=n.tagName;if(n.nodeType==3){a=n.data.toLowerCase().split(/[\s\(\)\:\,\.;\<\>\&\'\"]/);for(i in a)if(w=a[i]){w=" "+w;T[w]=T[w]?T[w]+1:1;++C;}}if(t!="SCRIPT"&&t!="STYLE")for(i=0;x=n.childNodes[i];++i)F(x)}F(document);for(i in T)W.push([T[i],i]);W.sort(function(a,b){var x=b[0]-a[0];return x?x:((b[1]<a[1])?1:-1)}); s="<h3>"+C+" words</h3>";for(i in W)s+=W[i][0]+":"+W[i][1]+"<br>";with(open().document){write(s);close()}})()


11. Instant visibility & domain analysis

Instantly chuck the site into your favorite SEO tool. My go-to has always been Ahrefs. I use this daily as part of competitor analysis and content auditing.

Drag this link to bookmark bar:



javascript:location.href='https://ahrefs.com/site-explorer/overview/v2/subdomains/recent?target='+encodeURIComponent(location.hostname + location.pathname)

To use this with other tools, replace the URL inside the single quotes with the following: 

  • Semrush: https://www.semrush.com/info/
  • Majestic: https://majestic.com/reports/site-explorer?folder=&q=
  • Moz: https://analytics.moz.com/pro/link-explorer/overview?site=


12. Change link anchors to full URLs

Super effective for backlink analysis. Being able to see the quality of outbound links on a page at a glance is really useful for auditing. I’ve used this on multiple occasions to illustrate poor out linking to colleagues and clients.

Drag this link to bookmark bar:



javascript:(function(){var i,c,x,h; for(i=0;x=document.links[i];++i) { h=x.getAttribute("href"); x.title+=" " + x.innerHTML; while(c=x.firstChild)x.removeChild(c); x.appendChild(document.createTextNode(h)); } })()


13. Check structured data for the current page

Check your schema markup against a competitor with this one-click bookmarklet which instantly opens the page URL in google’s structured data tester.

Drag this link to bookmark bar:





14. Instant Meta display

I know there are a ton of extensions that will do this for you but this is an instant dialogue box that will display useful meta content for the page URL.

Drag this link to bookmark bar:



javascript:(function(){var url = document.location; var meta = document.getElementsByTagName('meta'); var found = 'Not Found'; var title = document.title;var output = '';output = '\n\n##### Page Title #####\n\n'+title+'\n\n\n####META DATA####\n\n';if(meta.length>0){ }for (i=0; i<meta .length; i++) {if(meta[i].getAttribute('name')!=null){output += '\''+meta[i].getAttribute('name')+'\''+'\n'+meta[i].getAttribute('content')+'\n\n';}else if(meta[i].getAttribute('property')!=null){output += '\''+meta[i].getAttribute('property')+'\''+'\n'+meta[i].getAttribute('content')+'\n\n';}}alert(output)})();


15. Broken image checker

Identify broken links instantly, no scrolling through, no inspect element, no screaming frog. Get a simple dialogue box with the broken image URL (I broke this one with inspect element to illustrate).

Drag this link to bookmark bar:



javascript:(function()%7Bvar ims%3Ddocument.images, brokenCount%3D0, brokenURLs%3D"", text, i%3B for(i%3D0%3Bi<ims.length%3B%2B%2Bi) if (! (ims%5Bi%5D.naturalHeight %7C%7C ims%5Bi%5D.fileSize > 0)) %7B %2B%2BbrokenCount%3B brokenURLs %2B%3D "URL: " %2B ims%5Bi%5D.src %2B "%5Cn"%3B %7D%3B text %3D brokenCount %2B " broken image" %2B (brokenCount%3D%3D1%3F"":"s")%3B if(brokenCount) alert(text %2B ":%5Cn%5Cn" %2B brokenURLs)%3B else alert("No broken images.")%3B %7D)()


Awesome bookmarklet resources

Final thoughts

Being natural problem solvers, negotiators, project managers, instigators, copywriters, web devs and many other things an SEO finds themselves falling into to get their work done, I strongly advise you to create a folder on your bookmark bar and stack as many script nuggets as you can.

Please share your favorite bookmarklets in the comments below so we can all benefit from them!

Happy scripting 💪

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<![CDATA[Not The Journalist Gotham Needs But the One They Deserve in Jimmy Olsen #4 [Preview]]]> Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #4 is in stores this week from DC Comics, by Matt Fraction, Steve Lieber, and Nathan Fairbairn, and we’ve got a preview below.

Not The Journalist Gotham Deserves But the One They Need Right Now in Jimmy Olsen #4 [Preview]

In which we see what Jimmy Olsen has been up to since he was assassinated last issue. Er… since an assassination dummy that looked like him was assassinated, that is. Olsen moved to Gotham City to investigate his own murder, but to make ends meet, he’s been masquerading as shock vlogger Timmy Olsen.

Not The Journalist Gotham Deserves But the One They Need Right Now in Jimmy Olsen #4 [Preview]

Lois doesn’t seem very impressed.

Not The Journalist Gotham Deserves But the One They Need Right Now in Jimmy Olsen #4 [Preview]

But you can’t argue with what gets the clicks. That’s why we still have a job here at Bleeding Cool, after all, despite our nonsense.

Not The Journalist Gotham Deserves But the One They Need Right Now in Jimmy Olsen #4 [Preview]

Down to business, Olsen has narrowed down the suspects in his murder to one: Lex Luthor.

Not The Journalist Gotham Deserves But the One They Need Right Now in Jimmy Olsen #4 [Preview]

But when it gets dark in Gotham City, it really gets dark.

Not The Journalist Gotham Deserves But the One They Need Right Now in Jimmy Olsen #4 [Preview]

And it looks like Jimmy has other problems besides criminals trying to kill him…

Not The Journalist Gotham Deserves But the One They Need Right Now in Jimmy Olsen #4 [Preview]

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #4 is in stores tomorrow.

H/t Screenrant for the EX-X-XCLUSIVE preview.

(W) Matt Fraction (A/CA) Steve Lieber
Whassup, nerds? It’s yer favorite irresponsible blogger, Timmy Olsen! In this month’s episode of “Timmy’s Bros,” someone requested we get Batman to crack who moidered that Daily Planet photo-hack, Jimmy Olsen. Like how many wheels does a guy have to steal off the Batmobile to get a Bat-dude’s attention around here?
In Shops: Oct 16, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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<![CDATA[Can You Really Stalk Somebody Through Their Eyeball Reflections?]]>

Recently, a stalker found and attacked a Japanese pop star, in part by using an eye reflection to figure out what train station she uses. (He then waited for her at the train station and followed her home.) This got us wondering: how easy is it to get clues about somebody’s location from their selfies?


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<![CDATA[20 Stunning Black and White Photos of British Actress Susan George From the Late 1960s and Early 1970s]]> Straw Dogs (1971), Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry (1974) and Mandingo (1975).

Born in London, she is a former theatre student of the Corona Academy. George became interested in the show business at an early age and started acting at the age of four. Since then, she has emerged as a popular icon of the English entertainment industry. Although she has played a variety of roles in both films and TV shows, the talented actress is best known for appearing in scenes of sexual assault in the controversial film Straw Dogs.

Besides being an actress, she has also been active as an executive producer on several small and big screen projects.

In her youth, the beauty was romantically linked with multiple famous men, including sportsman George Best and Prince Charles. She eventually married actor cum director Simon MacCorkindale. Socially conscious, the actress devotes her leisure time to charities, including Lasting Life, which she founded in the loving memory of her husband who died in 2010.

See more »]]>
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<![CDATA[How to Use an Em Dash, According to Cormac McCarthy]]>

Novelist Cormac McCarthy has spent twenty years editing what feels like the opposite of a novel: scientific papers by faculty members and postdocs at the Santa Fe Institute. Some of the scientists he worked with have paraphrased and compiled McCarthy’s best writing advice. It applies to all kinds of writing, from…


https://lifehacker.com/how-to-use-an-em-dash-according-to-cormac-mccarthy-1839031259 1308910@leegovatos.com/fever Tue, 15 Oct 2019 13:00:00 GMT
<![CDATA[Top 10 CMS Features to Maximize Your Website Traffic & Revenue via @brentcsutoras]]> Discover 10 key CMS features that can help maximize your website’s traffic and revenue.

The post Top 10 CMS Features to Maximize Your Website Traffic & Revenue via @brentcsutoras appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

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<![CDATA[Google: Structured Data From Google's Docs vs Schema.org]]> ]]> https://www.seroundtable.com/google-structured-data-google-docs-vs-schema-org-28370.html 1308880@leegovatos.com/fever Tue, 15 Oct 2019 11:42:49 GMT <![CDATA[Adrian Tomine and a Frank Miller Fail – The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist in 2020]]> The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist Hardcover is the upcoming memoir by Adrian Tomine, both in and out of the comic book industry and his place in it, to be published by Drawn & Quarterly on May 26th, 2020.

A comedic memoir about fandom, fame, and other embarrassments from the life of a New York Times bestseller

What happens when a childhood hobby grows into a lifelong career? The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist, Adrian Tomine’s funniest and most revealing foray into autobiography, offers an array of unexpected answers. When a sudden medical incident lands Tomine in the emergency room, he begins to question if it was really all worthwhile: despite the accolades and opportunities of a seemingly charmed career, it’s the gaffes, humiliations, slights, and insults he’s experienced (or caused) within the industry that loom largest in his memory.

Tomine illustrates the amusing absurdities of how we choose to spend our time, all the while mining his conflicted relationship with comics and comics culture. But in between chaotic book tours, disastrous interviews, and cringe-inducing interactions with other artists, life happens: he fumbles his way into marriage, parenthood, and an indisputably fulfilling existence. A richer emotional story emerges as his memories are delineated in excruciatingly hilarious detail.

In a bold stylistic departure from his award-winning Killing and Dying, he distills his art to the loose, lively essentials of cartooning, each pen stroke economically imbued with human depth. Designed as a sketchbook complete with placeholder ribbon and an elastic band, The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist shows an acclaimed artist at the peak of his career.

Here are a few pages, as draws on graph paper…

Adrian TomineAdrian TomineAdrian Tomine

Adrian Tomine Adrian Tomine Adrian Tomine Adrian Tomine Adrian Tomine Adrian Tomine

Adrian Tomine


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<![CDATA[Zip Together Two Freezer Bags to Make One Large One]]>

Freezer bags are great for storing all kinds of things. This week I discovered something new about them: You can zip two of them together.


https://lifehacker.com/zip-together-two-freezer-bags-to-make-one-large-one-1839012018 1308255@leegovatos.com/fever Sun, 13 Oct 2019 18:31:00 GMT
<![CDATA[30 Amazing Black and White Photos of a Very Young and Lovely Susannah York in the 1960s]]>

Making an impression on television in 1959 opposite Sean Connery in a production of “The Crucible” as Abigail Williams to his John Proctor, the moon-faced beauty progressed immediately to ingénue film roles, making her debut as the daughter of Alec Guinness in the classic war drama Tunes of Glory (1960). She emerged quickly as a worthy co-star with the sensitively handled coming-of age drama Loss of Innocence (1961), the more complex psychodrama Freud (1962), as a patient to Montgomery Clift’s famed psychoanalyst, and the bawdy and robust 18th century tale Tom Jones (1963), with Susannah portraying the brazenly seductive Sophie, one of many damsels lusting after the bed-hopping title rogue Albert Finney.

Susannah continued famously both here and in England in both contemporary and period drama opposite the likes of Warren Beatty, William Holden, Paul Scofield and Dirk Bogarde. Susannah was a new breed. Free-spirited and unreserved, she had no trouble at all courting controversy in some of the film roles she went on to play. She gained special notoriety as the child-like Alice in her stark, nude clinches with severe-looking executive Coral Browne in the lesbian drama The Killing of Sister George (1968). A few years later, she and Elizabeth Taylor traveled similar territory with X, Y and Zee (1972).

Acting award ceremonies also began favoring her presence, winning the BAFTA film award as well as Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for her delusional Jean Harlow-like dance marathon participant in the grueling Depression-era film They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? (1969). Her crazy scene in the shower with Oscar-winner Gig Young was particularly gripping and just one of many highlights in the acclaimed film. She also copped a Cannes Film Festival award for her performance in Images (1972) playing another troubled character barely coping with reality. On television, she was Emmy-nominated for her beautifully nuanced Jane Eyre (1970) opposite George C. Scott’s Rochester.

Susannah’s film career started to lose ground into the 1970s as she continued her pursuit of challengingly offbeat roles as opposed to popular mainstream work. The film adaptations of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s Happy Birthday, Wanda June (1971) opposite Rod Steiger and Jean Genet’s The Maids (1975) with Glenda Jackson were not well-received. Her performances in such films as Gold (1974), Conduct Unbecoming (1975) which starred another famous York (Michael York), That Lucky Touch (1975), Sky Riders (1976) and The Shout (1978) were overlooked, as were the films themselves. In the one highly popular movie series she appeared in, the box-office smashes Superman (1978) and its sequel Superman II (1980), she had literally nothing to do as Lara, the wife of Marlon Brando’s Jor-El and birth mother of the superhero. While the actress continued to pour out a number of quality work assignments in films and television, she failed to recapture the glow of earlier star.

Diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, Susannah died in January 15, 2011, six days after her 72nd birthday. An obituary in The Telegraph characterized her as “the blue-eyed English rose with the china-white skin and cupid lips who epitomized the sensuality of the swinging sixties,” who later “proved that she was a real actor of extraordinary emotional range.”

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Google has updated Google Maps with a new feature for walking directions that makes the app much more helpful for those getting around on foot. Google Maps’ new Detailed Voice Guidance, as it’s called, is primarily designed for users with sight impairments, though it can easily benefit anyone.


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<![CDATA[Elbow: An Abbreviated Album History]]> Every generation has its poets, and Elbow frontman Guy Garvey is an everyman lyricist for the ages. His passionate rhyme and flowering diction make noble the grit of years spent in pubs, the chaos of industrial city streets, and the ho-hum of a modern mind’s musings. The band reflects its home of Manchester through and through, but with grand instrumentation and sweeping emotion, Elbow takes its blue-collar attitudes to lofty heights.

Elbow formed in Manchester in 1990 under a different name but took up this famous moniker in 1997. Garvey is joined by Craig Potter on keyboard, piano and backing vocals, Mark Potter on guitar and backing vocals, Pete Turner on bass and backing vocals, and Richard Jupp on drums. Their mix of droning rhythms and sweet melodies sounds quite inspired by The Velvet Underground, except they layer all these sounds into one, then add big orchestral moments and wonderful use of bright harmonies.

The band has been showered in critical appreciation since its earliest days, with three Mercury Music Prize nominations and a win. Its song “First Steps” became the BBC theme for the 2012 London Olympics, and its eighth studio album is to be released Friday, Oct. 11. Here is a complete breakdown of Elbow‘s catalog thus far.

Elbow: An Abbreviated Album History

Asleep In The Back


The songs of Asleep in the Back were written over the course of six years, six of which were rerecorded tunes from those ill-fated Island sessions. The dreamy, dreary 12-track collection spoke to the quiet doubts and everyday shortcomings of the common man. Garvey‘s lyrics speak of addiction (“Red,” “Powder Blue”), boredom (“Any Day Now”), fear of growth (“Presuming Ed [Rest Easy]”), nostalgia (“Scattered Black and Whites”), and sexual desire (“Bitten By The Tailfly”) in a tender way with a somewhat beaten and tired delivery. Even its love songs – including the title track that actually came later as a bonus – are twisted depictions. The music’s ethereal atmospheres and bursts of bright, chaotic boldness give movement to the mood, conjuring a cinematic feeling from start to finish. It’s beautiful in a really modern and relatable way, and it was shortlisted for the Mercury Music Prize while it earned the band a BRIT Award nomination for Best New British Band.

Cast Of Thousands


Elbow‘s second record is a celebration on a gray Sunday afternoon. Its 11 official tracks ebb and sway with a calm pace between gloomy moods (“Ribcage,” “Fugitive Motel”), upbeat tempos (“Snooks [Progress Report]”), clashing distortion and emotive exuberance. The title is a reference to their 2002 Glastonbury performance. The band recorded the audience singing, “we still believe in love, so fuck you,” then featured the sample on the climactic track “Grace Under Pressure.” The record plays through with spots of psychedelia a la the Beatles in Magical Mystery Tour, especially on “Fallen Angel” and “Grace Under Pressure,” then wraps with a short and detached sort of ode to love in dreams. Bonus Japanese and American editions include “Whisper Grass,” “Brave New Shave,” and “Lay Down Your Cross” in various arrangements.

Leaders Of The Free World


The band’s third album was entirely self-produced and showcases an edgier rock attitude, chock full of catchy melodic hooks with hair-raising electric guitar. “Forget Myself” opens with a rhythm made from industrial clashes and moves toward a triumphant mess. “Leader of the Free World” sees Garvey take on politics, commenting on the re-election of George W. Bush as US President, whom he sees as a sniveling little boy. Even the acoustic ballads pack a bit of an upbeat punch, from the reflective “The Everthere” to sweet breakup anthem “The Stops.” Lots of songs center around loving someone despite their letting you go, as well as familiar themes of nights spent in bars. The cover depicts five characters form the album’s songs. The Japanese version includes bonus tracks “McGreggor” and “The Good Day.” Integrated music and video DVD. “Mexican Standoff” was also recorded in Spanish, a B-side to the titular single release.

The Seldom Seen Kid


This LP beat out Radiohead‘s In Rainbows (itself is very reminiscent of old Elbow) for the Mercury Music Prize. It’s highly orchestral and cinematic with lots of rock groove, a clear moment of growth artistically and emotionally. “Starlings” opens with an exciting mix of quiet melodies and startling blasts. The Western-tinged rocker “Grounds of Divorce” became a huge hit for the band. It’s about a friend of Garvey‘s named Bryan Glancy, who died from excessive drinking. He calls him “the seldom seen kid,” a line from which the LP gets its name. The album’s original closing track, a heartbreaker called “A Friend of Ours,” was written by Glancy and sung in tribute. Mostly, though, The Seldom Seen Kid is fresh and upbeat, begetting the band’s biggest hit to date, “One Day Like This,” which has become a popular wedding song. The UK-version of the LP concludes with a hidden bonus track called “We’re Away” that follows the closing-track “Friend of Ours” after five minutes of silence. A special deluxe edition also includes non-album track “Hotel Istanbul” and “lullaby.”

Build A Rocket Boys!


An album all about growing up and going through the awkward and important teenage years, Garvey looked to the past to find lyrical inspiration, because success and money had made it hard to write about the present with Elbow-esque discontent. The album was made with the ease of success in the air, but they were conscious not to try to repeat the motions. Indeed, Build A Rocket Boys! Wades between the catchy rock hits of The Seldom Seen Kid (“With Love,” “Neat Little Rows”) and the somber, humming atmospherics of earlier works (“The Night Will Always Win”). It’s sweeping and uplifting on opener “The Birds,” as it welcomes the nostalgia while chiding those that tell old men not to spend too much time in reverie. “Lippy Kids,” the album’s bit hit from which it takes its name, celebrates hoody-wearing teens who get an unjust bad wrap. The self-produced LP is as experimental as ever and was Elbow‘s third Mercury Prize nomination.

The Take Off And Landing Of Everything


Imbued with Garvey‘s breakup from longtime girlfriend Emma Jane Unsworth, this sixth studio album plays in blue and grey hues, but everything’s got a silver lining. The Takeoff And Landing Of Everything means that the endings of life’s adventures are as important as their beginnings, and the title track serves as the emotional climax with a sprawling seven-minute epic that settles in a repetitive mantra. The album was also partially inspired by time Garvey spent in New York City, most notably on the uplifting urban wonder of “New York Morning,” while “Charge” and “My Sad Captains” keep the drinking song tradition. The four songs “Real Life (Angel),” “Honey Sun,” “Colour Field” and “Fly Boy Blue/Lunette” featuring music written primarily by other members, and the album’s final song, “The Blanket of Night,” shares an often unheard human side of the refugee story, which remains a hot political point in Elbow‘s England and around the world today.

Little Fictions


If The Takeoff And Landing Of Everything was Elbow‘s break-up album, Little Fictions is a record about new love and renewal. It is the first without the band’s founding drummer Richard Jupp who left to pursue other projects, which perhaps explains some of the jazzier rhythms on “Gentle Storm” and “K2.” In the years since The Takeoff, Garvey met the woman who became his wife. The album was released about two months before their first child was born, an immense and joyous change reflected in the lyrics of “Magnificent (She Says)” and the eight-minute title track. “All Disco” was inspired by a comment Pixies frontman Black Francis quipped to Garvey about not taking the specifics of things too seriously, “K2” reflects the chaos of the Brexit vote, and the video for “Gentle Storm” features actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

Giants Of All Sizes


The band comes out swinging with distorted guitars and glitchy orchestral clips on this eighth studio album that tackles issues of discord and discomfort at home and abroad. As the band’s native England finds itself further muddied by the chaos of Brexit, Elbow blends a harder alt-rock edge into its signature emotional ambiance. “Dexter and Sinister” kicks things off with a six-minute, two-part musical journey, while “Seven Veils” follows with a poetic ballad. “Empires” is a prog-rock beauty that mirrors personal faults against greater political mess. Hints of the right-wing political wave color the lyrics of “The Delayed 3:15” while “White Noise White Heat” tackles injustice and apathy. It’s the band’s heaviest album yet, in terms of percussion and attitude, though it still swims with moody atmospheres. It’s a strong offering for a band that lives squarely in its own sweet spot for two decades running.

Produced in partnership with Polydor

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